We all know that concrete countertops play the part of being a good alternative to many of their counterparts. It wins the scale of durability as well as affordability. However, like other countertop options, it also has its weaknesses.   

Today, we get to know how we can keep our concrete countertop in its best shape.   

So, what are some things we need to keep in mind?   

It is important to remember that concrete is a very durable material. However, concrete is porous and can absorb a lot of staining. Due to this characteristic of concrete, concrete countertops have been designed with a scant on top of the concrete, so the top layer you will be using is free from problems of bacteria buildup, staining, and even scratches and chopping. The role of the sealant is to keep your concrete sealed from damage that it may directly get from various factors.   

One factor that affects the durability of a countertop is the cleaner you are using to clean your counters. There are many cleaning solutions available in the market today. However, some are more toxic than others. However, even with this in mind, cleaning is a necessary task you need to invest in to keep your concrete countertop in the best shape. To eliminate chances of damage from possible toxic chemicals from cleaning solutions you randomly find on the market, here are some tips to help you.   

1. Cleaning solution made from warm water mixed with soap  

We all have a dishwashing liquid at home that we use to wash our dishes, foamy or soapy. Would you believe that this same dishwashing liquid soap you use for your utensils is also a reliable sap for cleaning your counter? You do not need to purchase another cleaning solution for your counter because you can easily utilize what is already in your kitchen. Mix the dishwashing liquid with some warm water and will surely provide a way to keep the stains on your countertop away.   

To make sure you get into the stains, soak the cloth you will be using to clean into the solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water. After soaking it, use it to scrub away the stain on your countertop gently. You can do the process again if the stain is still present. If you are out of dishwashing liquid, you can easily switch it with another available item at home; laundry detergent.  

2. DIY Hydrogen Peroxide Paste  

When dealing with stains that have been stuck on your countertop for long because you just had the time to attend to it, scrubbing with a solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water may not suffice. However, do not get discouraged. Grab your hydrogen peroxide and add two tablespoons of it with a cup of flour. Add enough water to get a paste consistency. Using the DIY hydrogen peroxide paste, easily apply the paste to the designated area of concern and left it there for hours. To keep the paste sealed, get plastic wrap to seal it.   

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